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Earning points is easy.

The Choice Rewards program is the easiest, most flexible rewards program around. Points can be collected with a Choice Rewards MasterCard® account, Choice Rewards Global Payment MasterCard® or Member Card® debit card.

Cardholders earn Choice Rewards points anytime and anywhere they make a qualifying net retail purchase with their Choice Rewards MasterCard credit card ($1 = 1 point), Choice Rewards GLOBAL PAYMENT™ MasterCard card ($1 = 1 point) or linked Member Card® debit card (10 points for a qualifying net retail purchase of $20 or more).

A cardholder can earn a maximum of 100,000 points per year, just by using their Choice Rewards MasterCard card, GLOBAL PAYMENT MasterCard card or Member Card debit card.

Accelerate your earnings.

Participating merchants can reward their customers with points. Merchants may set their own bonus point schedule: one point for every $2, $5, $10, or $15 of spend. Merchants may also issue bonus points per transaction or dollars spent for a defined period of time. Details are available from participating merchants. Learn more…

Redeeming points is easy.

With our all-new online rewards catalogue and travel booking tool, redeeming your points is easier and more convenient than ever before. Setting up your profile is your first step to savings and rewards. Access is simple and secure.

Not enough points? No problem! Just top up with cash. You can even take advantage of the exclusive rewards offering simply by using your credit card, no points required. Check out Your Options for information on our exciting rewards options.

How far will your points take you?

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